Feb 1: Intro to AI/ML
Learn what artificial intelligence really is, how machine learning works, and build a basic machine learning model, all in an hour!

Feb 8: Intro to Deep Neural Networks

Build a more advanced model using the technique foundational to all machine learning development today: deep learning.

Feb 15: Image Processing
Take your models into another dimension by identifying the content of images and learn about the first complex model type: convolutional neural networks.

Feb 22: Text Generation

Learn to design models that can remember the past and predict the future, whether that’s text, temperature, or even the stock market!

Feb 29: Transformers and LLMs (Part 1)

Explore the state-of-the-art techniques used by models including ChatGPT and develop models using self-attention.

March 7: Transformers and LLMs (Part 2)

Learn the power behind almost all modern ML and apply these techniques across input types and domains.