What is tidal.jr?

An outreach program linking tidaltamu to provide high school students the opportunity to learn about data science and artificial intelligence.   View our slides to learn more!

Our Schools

Here are the awesome high schools and programs collaborating with us!

Girl Bytes

Dulles High School

Dulles Girl Bytes is a high school organization at Dulles High School committed to encouraging and providing a supporting community for girls around the Houston area to pursue their passions in computational disciplines such as computer science and mathematics. While computer science is a growing career, the amount of women in this field is surprisingly low, so Girl Bytes set out to help improve this statistic their area! Girl Bytes instruct their members as well as local middle schools in coding languages like Java, Python, HTML, etc. Members also volunteer to teach middle schoolers, provide local STEM opportunities, host speakers – including a former VP of IBM – and advance to championships in national competitions!

A&M Consolidated High School

Whitehouse High School